The iFetch training tool kit is step one to training your dog to use the iFetch or iFetch Too!

The iFetch team is as excited as you are about training your dog to use the iFetch or iFetch Too!  We’ve put together a list of things to have on hand when you start your training sessions, which will hopefully make your sessions go more smoothly.

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1. Treats.We want to reward your pup immediately for doing a good job.  It’s all about being positive, from verbal cues to delicious treats.  I prefer soft treats that don’t crumble, so the crumbs don’t distract my dog during the training session. The smellier tastier treats work best, in my experience, as the dog really, really wants it and eats it right away.  If you have a picky eater, stick to this type of treat, and avoid training after they eat a meal as they will be less motivated by the food reward.



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2. Leash.  A non-retractable leash is really useful when you start your training.  It helps keep your pup close by and not running off with the tennis ball to another room.




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3. Tennis balls.  That’s what fetching is all about! So make sure you have a tennis ball or two or three within arm’s reach. Be sure you are using the appropriate size ball depending on if you are using the iFetch or iFetch Too. The iFetch works with balls 1.5″ diameter. The iFetch Too works with balls 2.4″-2.7″ diameter or standard size tennis balls.





4. A bucket/bin(optional).  Optional because some pet owners prefer teaching a ‘Drop It’ command into a bucket or container before using the iFetch.  Or if you haven’t purchased yours yet this is a good first step to prepare for when your iFetch joins your family.

5. Your pup!(of course)

Once you have your training tool kit ready, you can begin training.  What you’ll need to work on first is teaching your dog the ‘Drop It’ command.  For tips on how to do that, please watch our iFetch training videos here or check out our upcoming blog post in which we will be answering some common training questions.

Nicole Ellis, iFetch Lead Trainer


Maggie, iFetch Dog

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