Does Training Your Dog Make You a Lazy Human?

That might seem like a strange question at first glance but, much to my surprise too, it’s one that’s come up a number of time in my adventures with Maggie.  Yes, Maggie can get a DVD out of the Playstation.  Yes, Maggie can turn off the lights.  Yes, of course, Maggie can play with her iFetch all by herself so that I don’t even have to throw the ball.

But that doesn’t make me a lazy human.  Quite the opposite.  Training those actions is what strengthens our bond as partners in life, and it’s that bond and that training base that allows us to take on new challenges and experiences together.

Training is a partnership.  It’s about the two of you, together.

As the iFetch trainer, I’ve seen comments that say that the iFetch is for lazy dog owners, as if putting out the iFetch is the canine equivalent of plopping your kid down in front of a video.  Except there’s one major difference: you have to train your dog to use the iFetch, which will turn out to be a rewarding journey for both of you.

Dog training is a slow process that takes patience and understanding — from both of you.  Commands start simple, you build toward more complicated actions, and all along you’re spending time with your dog and strengthening your partnership.  You’ll discover that this affects your whole life together.  A better-trained dog is more responsive so he gets to enjoy greater freedom, like at the dog park, or he gets to go to out to new places in public with you because you know he’ll be well-behaved.

The commands you’ll train for the iFetch, like ‘drop it’, will turn out to be useful in other settings, like when your dog picks up a piece of litter or a mud-covered stick when out at the park.  Or even when you’re at home, when Fido runs by with your favorite socks in his mouth.

So no, training your dog doesn’t make you a lazy human.  A happier human with a happier dog?  Definitely.

Nicole and Maggie

For iFetch training tips and videos, click here.

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