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iFetch is a family company owned and operated by the Hamill Family in Austin, Texas. Like most companies, the idea for iFetch started with a problem that desperately needed solving. The family’s toy poodle, Prancer, would drop the ball at their feet and would not stop barking until someone threw the ball for him. It just so happened that Denny, the company’s patriarch, was an engineer who was about to retire. Tinkering with HotWheels® tracks among other household gadgets, he and his grandson, Grant, developed a prototype for an automatic ball thrower and the idea became a reality. Several months later, and hundreds of hours researching, prototyping, and testing, the Hamills launched a Kickstarter campaign and the rest is history.

The Hamill family cares deeply about dogs and enrichment. They thoughtfully design each of their products with a specific philosophy in mind – to provide both mental and physical enrichment for dogs of all sizes. (Interesting side note: A few cats also love our iDig digging toy and a cockatiel loves our iFetch Frenzy.)

We’re looking for enthusiastic pet owners whose dogs love our products to help grow awareness and sales for our brand. Does that sound like you? Then, let’s make it happen.

Affiliate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn as an iFetch Affiliate?

You will earn 8% on all iFetch products sold with your code except for the iFetch Too (big ball launcher) on which you will earn 4%. Our products range in price from $49.99 to $229.99.

Do I have to have an iFetch product to get started?

Yes! We want the videos and photos you post to be authentic, so it’s important that your pup really loves playing with our toys. If you don’t already have an iFetch product, fill out the application form and let us know that you need a product. We will give you a discount on a new product if your application is approved.


Do I have to have a certain number of followers on social media to qualify?

Our goal is to spread the iFetch benefits to as many people as we can. If you have less than 10K followers, we will still consider you for our program, but we’d prefer to have affiliates with more than 10K followers.

Which software does iFetch use for the Affiliate program?

iFetch uses the Refersion app to register, track, and pay affiliates. The application is on the Refersion platform so be sure to review the contract details before you agree to joining as an Affiliate.

Do I have to be based in the US to be an iFetch Affiliate?

Yes. We hope to expand our program internationally in the future but, for now, our Affiliates need to be based in the US. We use independent distributors in other countries and don’t ship directly to customers who are outside of the US.

How often do I get paid and how?

We plan to process payments at the beginning of each month for the prior month’s sales. You can sign up to be paid via Paypal or check.

Can I check my commissions and sales from my referral link?

Yes. In the Refersion platform, you will have access to view the sales generated from your personal link.

Is there a minimum amount of sales I need to make to qualify?

No. We just ask that you post at least 3 videos (and your iFetch code) throughout a calendar year if you sign up to be an iFetch Affiliate.

Is there a resource to help with training tips if my dog is just starting to use iFetch products?

Yes! We have a great Training section on our website with trainer videos. We also work with a professional dog trainer, Nicole Ellis, who can answer specific questions or help with any issues you are having.

Still have questions?

Email support@goifetch.com and we’ll get back to you.


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