The 2017 iFetch Pet Gift Guide

A Few of Our Favorite Things… For Your Favorite Pup This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching… have you thought about what to get your dog this year? Over the past year, we’ve discovered some fun and functional pet products and we can’t wait to share them with you. We polled the iFetch team, including our professional trainers, to compile this unique list of tail-wagging goodies. Hope you enjoy our hand-picked pet gift guide!

The 2017 iFetch Pet Gift Guide

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Ruffwear Flat Out Leash#1 Ruffwear Flatout Leash

This adjustable leash can be held or worn around your waist for hands-free leash walking. It’s also great if you need to tether your dog to a place for training or safety, as you can adjust the opening that you buckle around a sturdy foundation. Like other Ruffwear products, it is very well-made, with a strong and secure leash-to-collar attachment.

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Blue9 Balance Harness#2 Blue-9 Balance Harness

This is our favorite harness because every strap is adjustable, which ensures a perfect fit with no rubbing. It has a front clip to prevent pulling, and a back clip for when pulling isn’t an issue. Another winning feature is that the no-pull clip doesn’t restrict dog movement. Unlike most harnesses that prevent pulling, this one won’t restrict your dog’s gait when you’re out walking or doing something active.

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Doggy Egg Nog#3 Honest Kitchen Doggy Egg Nog

It’s not the holidays without egg nog and hot beverages, and now your pets can enjoy them too. Our trainer’s dog, Maggie, loves the taste and, because it’s a probiotic, you’ll love that it helps your pup’s tummy. Yum!

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Fluff & Tuff Bunny#4 Fluff & Tuff Toys

Fluff & Tuff makes durable, soft, plush toys for dogs. Don’t get us wrong – these can still be destroyed, but they definitely last longer than most plush toys! And they are absolutely adorable. Our favorite is the bunny.


iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Nina Ottosson#5 Nina Ottosson Puzzle Games

Puzzle games for dogs! One of the best ways to tire your dog out is through mental stimulation; check out a previous blog article we did on mental stimulation here. Nina Ottosson makes lots of fun product variations so you can find the perfect one for your clever pup.

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Sleepy Pod#6 SleepyPod

SleepyPod makes a wonderful car carrier that is also approved by the Center for Pet Safety. In a 35mph collision, a 12lb dog can exert 1,000 lbs of force. Scary, right? That’s why it’s so important to keep them buckled in and safely secured while driving. Another bonus: you can also use this as a travel bed! And how cute is this picture of Rossi?!

Oh, and before we move on… SleepyPod also makes a great travel bowl. We’ve tested it and we challenge you to find a better one. As a matter of fact, Grant is a walking infomercial for the SleepyPod bowls.

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: K9 Sport Sack#7 K9 Sport Sack

This backpack is vet-approved, and perfect for taking your pup on outdoor adventures from biking to hiking and everything in between. Bring it with you on longer hikes in case your dog gets tired. It’s a lot easier to carry them this way and you can both enjoy the view!

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Working Like a Dog#8 Working Like A Dog

Our professional trainer, Nicole Ellis, recently released a coffee table book on working dogs, showcasing the many ways dogs serve humans, and their fellow dogs. Working Like A Dog gives you a window into the world of working animals, reminding us that a dog is truly man’s best friend… not to mention a great co-worker!

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Teddy the Dog T-Shirt#9 Teddy the Dog T-shirts

You will definitely put a smile on your friends’ faces when they see you in these clever tees. Whether Teddy is enjoying winter in the “Best in Snow” shirt, or being a “Nauti Dog” at the beach, these tees make great gifts for dog lovers everywhere. They’re also super comfortable!

Note: Runner up in the “cute tee” category is Rescue Strong t-shirts. Their shirts are cute and comfortable, and 50% of proceeds go toward helping shelter pets in-need. Genius!

iFetch Pet Gift Guide: Water Bottle#10 AutoDogMug Pure Filtering Water Bottle

If you love camping or the outdoors, you should know about this awesome water bottle with a built-in filter made by Highwave. Scoop some river or lake water into the bottle, then squeeze, and watch the water shoot through a filter up into a cup on top of the bottle for your dog to enjoy. We love innovative products like this.

We hope this pet gift guide has given you some ideas for spoiling your best pup this holiday season. We’re busy developing the next iFetch product so hopefully we’ll have a “must-have” to add to the list in 2018. From all of us at iFetch, we wish you a joyous and peaceful holiday.

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