Used iFetch Ball Launcher


iFetch is an award-winning automatic ball launcher that provides a fun new twist to the game of fetch!

  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Launches the ball 10, 20, or 30 feet.
  • iFetch throws a ball a variable distance when it is placed in the funnel by the dog or person.
  • Launches miniature tennis balls that are 1.6" (41 mm) in diameter. (THREE miniature tennis balls are included with purchase). NOTE: These are NOT full sized tennis balls!
  • Runs on AC Adapter (included) or 6 C-cell batteries (batteries not included).
  • Owner supervision is recommended.
This "Warehouse Deal" is a gently used and reconditioned model that is 30% off the regular price, and comes with a THREE MONTH WARRANTY.
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9" Diameter
8" Tall
2.5 lbs with batteries

40mm Ball
6 C Batteries or AC Adapter (batteries not included)

iFetch Owners Manual

How it Works

Step 1: DROP

Train your dog to “drop!” the iFetch mini ball into the top opening of the iFetch. Start with rewarding them for dropping the ball near the iFetch and then point at the top of the toy to direct them to drop "here!". (Hint: using treats helps!)

Step 2: FETCH

Encourage your pup to “go get it!” as the ball shoots out of the iFetch launcher. They will be so excited that a ball has been "magically" thrown!

Step 3: REPEAT

Now, coax your dog to “come!” (with the ball, of course) back to the iFetch for more fetching fun. Then start all over again! Try using another iFetch ball or treat to get them back. And don’t forget - lots of praise and head scratches!

Watch the iFetch in Action!

Fetch-a-holics rejoice! Your dog can now fetch to their hearts’ content. The iFetch launches mini tennis balls up to 30 feet!

What People (and their pets!) Are Saying

For any dog who’s motivated by Fetch, this toy is a given!
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund
I got an iFetch this morning and have already taught my Border Collie to drop his ball in it when I say ‘iFetch’!
Alice Clark with Bentley the Border Collie
Just got our iFetch a couple days ago and she loves it. Plays with it for hours. Thank you!
Brandon Alfred

A family company on a mission to create better dog toys.

Our dog, Prancer, was a relentless fetcher. When our son couldn’t do his homework because of Prancer’s incessant barking to throw the ball, we knew we had to do something. And so the iFetch ball launcher was born.

What started as a grandfather / grandson tinkering project in the garage, turned into a successful Kickstarter campaign, and now 5 innovative dog products. There are a lot of dog toys on the market, but we strive for innovative toys that enrich dogs both mentally and physically. 

We think our toys are pretty special. Just like the dogs who enjoy them.

Need some
Training Help?

Whether your dog has been playing fetch for years or if this is his first time, our training tips from our professional dog trainer will help your dog learn how to play with the iFetch in no time at all.

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