Top Eleven Pawfect Gifts for Your Dog!

The holiday season is all about celebrating the meaningful relationships in our lives, including the bonds we have with our dog pals.

They are truly part of the family, and what better way to show them love than wrapping up a gift just for them? From delectable treats to clever technology, we’ve scoured hundreds of dog products to find the most practical (and cool!) gifts for your dog.

Tikr dog toy

tikr-snack-toy gift for dog lover

Tikr was created by dog lovers who wanted to give their dogs an interactive snack toy that would keep them occupied for long lengths of time, up to 45 minutes. Fill the easy-to-use toy with the specifically designed Tikr snacks (or your dog’s favorite), twist the timer on, and watch your dog play! The timer, which can be set for up to 45 minutes, turns in the toy and snacks tumble out to reward your pup for playing. You can preorder Tikr now at a discounted price of $24.99.


PetCube gift for dog lover

PetCube is the award-winning pet camera that allows you to you see, talk to, and play with your pets remotely from your smartphone. The next generation of the device, called the PetCube Play, features 1080p HD video, night vision, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, and a more compact design. It retails for $149.

If you subscribe to PetCube Care, you can record your pets activities for 10 or 30 days. PetCube Care works with the PetCube App on both Android and iOS. Give your pets the gift of endless play even if you are away.

Pod 2 GPS Pet Tracker

pod-tracker gift for dog lover

More than 10 million pets go missing every year. The Pod is aiming to stop these numbers in their tracks. The Pod is a small GPS device that can attach to any collar and allows you to track and locate your pet on demand. The device is light and fully waterproof (for adventurous pups!). Downloading the Pod App gives the user access to a combination of GPS, WiFi and cellular technology to locate pets, whether they are safely in your backyard or out roaming the neighborhood. The product goes for $199.



CleverPet  is a learning toy that dispenses food when your dog engages with the games. Fill the CleverPet with treats or kibble, and turn it on for your dog to start exploring. At first, it will dispense food “for free” to get your dog’s attention. But over time, as your dog learns that the touchpads and lights lead to food, the CleverPet will reward your dog for getting the sequence right. Watching your dog explore and learn is the biggest side-benefit of the CleverPet, and it provides hours of fun even if you’re not in the house. This clever product is priced at $299.


HurriK9 gift for dog lover

The HurriK9 is a fetch toy that launches rings at varied distances, depending on how far you pull back the launcher. The rings can fly at a maximum distance of about 100 feet and are made of super durable EVA foam. If your dog is rough on his toys, try the even tougher rings made of spandex. Because the distance can vary, this is a great toy for inside or outside use. The HurriK9 starter pack (the launcher plus three rings) can be ordered through their website for $39.95.

Embark (DNA test)

Embark DNA Test gift for dog lover

Give the gift of information! Embark provides the most advanced and accurate breed, disease, trait, and ancestry information by testing your dog’s genes. It tests for over 160 canine genetic diseases including MDR1, degenerative myelopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, PRA blindness, and exercise-induced collapse. It can also tell you exactly what breeds make up your dog.

Knowing your dog’s genetic makeup can help with training, exercise and nutrition plans, and veterinary care. All the information you learn is stored in a handy app for future reference. With a price of $199, it’s priced comparable to some genetic tests for humans; but keep in mind that the information you learn can save you money down the road.


DogVacay gift for dog lover

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your dog is taken care of by a loving professional while you’re away? That’s where DogVacay comes in. You can search through the DogVacay app to find approved sitters (with background checks!) in your area. Perks of going through DogVacay include 24/7 support, daily photos, premium pet insurance, one-on-one attention, and a secure online payment. Give your dog some fun social time with someone new while you’re traveling this holiday season.

Planet Dog

Planet Dog gift for dog lover

Planet Dog has a wide array of products from super tough chew toys, feed bags, leashes, treats, and holiday toys. Their most popular “Glow for Good” ball benefits The Planet Dog Foundation. The charity funds the training, placement, and support of dogs who are saving human lives. Not only does the ball glow in the dark but it happens to be the same size as a standard-sized tennis ball, which means you can launch it in the iFetch Too!


Pridebites gift for dog lover

PrideBites is an excellent site to purchase a “pawsome” personalized gift for your pup! It’s easy to pick a product like a dog bed, toy, mat or blanket, then personalize it with your dog’s name and image. They even have a few holiday themed gifts to choose from!


Thundershirt gift for dog lover

The ThunderShirt is a great gift for any dog that has anxiety or fear issues. ThunderShirts have helped dogs and cats that fear storms, separation, or fireworks. It provides gentle pressure on the torso to relieve anxiety in a way similar to swaddling an infant, and the product boasts an 80% success rate! Prices range from $39.95-$49.95.


iFetch gift for dog lover

This list wouldn’t be complete without the iFetch of course! It’s the perfect solution to an energetic dog who loves to play. Our family of products are designed to entertain your pup on his own or with the family. The original iFetch ($115) is an automatic ball launcher which launches miniature tennis balls (1.5”). It is perfect for small to medium sized dogs and can be used inside and outside. If your dog is a larger breed, the iFetch Too ($199.99) is just right. It launches standard-sized (2.5”) tennis balls up to 40 feet! Have a basement? Get down there and start launching when it’s too cold to play outside. Have a smaller clever dog who loves brain teasers? Give the iFetch Frenzy a try! Watch your pup scramble to find the ball once he places it into the hole at the top and guesses which of the three chutes will produce it. It’s like hide-and-go-seek for your dog, and it’s great for keeping your pup mentally and physically stimulated this winter season. ($29.95)

We hope this list helps with your holiday shopping. And we hope your family enjoys a wonderful holiday season! Do you have a favorite Christmas or Hanukkah gift that you’ve given your dog? Let us know by tagging #ifetch on Instagram or Facebook. Happy Holidays from all of us at iFetch!

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