There’s no such thing as “too many balls"!

Is your dog ball-obsessed? We’re guessing the answer is “YES”. That’s why you purchased an iFetch launcher or iFetch Frenzy brain game, right? As you know, your dog can NEVER have too many balls at his or her disposal. We're guessing there's a  tennis ball (or ten!) under your couch or bed right now as you read this.
So, let’s talk about balls that work with your iFetch.

If it’s time for replacement balls, you can always find our signature iFetch blue tennis balls in the SHOP section of our online store here. Note: you can also purchase replacement batteries, replacement iDig flaps, and fun iFetch merch there, too! Remember, the original iFetch ball launcher and the iFetch Frenzy toy use mini balls about the size of a golf ball (1.6” or 40mm in diameter) while our larger iFetch Too uses regular sized tennis balls (2.5” size).

If your dog is looking for some variety, we have several ball suggestions that will also work with your iFetch toys.

Mini tennis ball options

For the iFetch and iFetch Frenzy toys, several manufacturers make good ball options.

KONG Air Squeakers Tennis Balls X-Small - 1.5" Diameter (3 Pack) - Pack of 4

The KONG® Squeak Air is a mini tennis ball that is similar to ours. They have fuzz but they also squeak. Here's an Amazon link to learn more. (Note: we do not get paid commissions on these links.) Make sure you get the XS size for your original iFetch (smaller) launcher or iFetch Frenzy.

Another company, Midlee®, makes another solid mini ball option in red. Their balls come in a 12 pack, which might just what you need if your dog likes to chew on the balls. Here's a link to the Amazon listing.

Believe it or not, squash balls (yes, the ones used in the sport – similar to a racquetball) are extremely durable and do not have fuzz. However, the downside is they may occasionally get stuck if they become very wet with slobber or water, as they will be slippery. So, if your dog is a big slobberer, this might not be a good option for you. Here's a link to some on Amazon.

If you have a super slobbery dog, the Chase N Chomp Knobble® balls work great with slobber and don't have any fuzz. However, we must warn you that they occasionally get stuck due to their odd shape. Here's a link on Amazon.

Ready for a craft project? Buy these small spiky "gorilla balls" from PetSport® and cut the spikes off to fit them in the 1.5 inch funnel. It is a little tedious at first, but they work really great without the spikes! Your dog might also like the variety of the “nubs” on the balls once you’ve done the snipping. Here's the link on Amazon.

Standard tennis ball options

For the iFetch Too ball launcher, almost any ball that is 2.5” inches in diameter (standard tennis ball size) will work. Things to keep in mind for optimal launching are weight and density. If the ball is too light (like a whiffle ball) or too hard and dense (like a lacrosse ball) it won’t work with your iFetch Too launcher. Here are some standard sized balls we've tried. Note: a few of the ball options here come in different sizes, so make sure you choose the 2.5” inch option. 

The Cycle Dog® high roller dog ball is a durable rubber ball made of eco-friendly materials. The unique shape will result in an erratic bounce when launched from the iFetch Too, which is a fun way to mix it up while fetching in the backyard or at the park. Here's the link to their site.

Orgrimmar Pet® balls are a great option if your dog loves squeaky balls. Here's the Amazon link.

Chew King® balls are also a hit with many dogs. You can choose between regular and bacon flavored. (Oh yeah.) These are a good option if your dog is hard on balls and needs a more durable option. Here's a link to their Amazon listing.

Chuck it® ball (medium size) are another great option for dogs that need a more durable tennis ball to keep up with their non-stop ball chasing. Here's the Amazon link.
Thanks for keeping your dog happy and entertained with iFetch! We appreciate your loyalty. We hope these tennis ball options help you keep your dog fetching for months and years to come! Happy fetching!

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