Diggers Gonna Dig!

Available in Two Different Models:

iDig Stay


iDig Go



How It Works

  • Load with toys or treats and watch your dog dig away for the treasure
  • Different flap designs provide varying levels of digging challenges


  • Hours of physical and mental stimulation for dogs
  • Positive outlet for dog’s innate desire to dig

“iDig by iFetch is an incredibly innovative product that enables mental stimulation through puzzle solving while also satisfying a dog’s natural desire to dig (and hunt!). It’s durable enough for large dogs yet still easy for small dogs to use. We highly recommend.”

Woof Whiskers

Best Dog Toy at New Product Showcase, SuperZoo 2018!

iDig Stay Instructional Video

iDig Go Instructional Video

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Can You Dig It?

The iDig Go and iDig Stay are available for purchase at our online store!

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