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Who doesn’t love adorable photos and videos of your dog having fun?! The big smile, the happy iFetch dance and the pure joy of our pups doing what they love. When you post a photo or video and tag us @goifetch or #ifetch, you truly make our day. Not only do we cheer at all of your videos and smile at all of your photos, but we love to repost them on our goifetch Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages each month. So, please keep the good vibes coming and share the love with us and the world.

Here are our top tips to help you get the best photos and videos of your dog fetching (or digging!):

iFetch Videos and Photos Tips - Declutter

Remember to declutter and pay attention to lighting and angles for the best videos and photos of your iFetch!


  1. LIGHTING is everything. If you’re taking photos or videos indoors, open the windows (or at least open the curtains or blinds) to let the light in! It’s also helpful to turn off the lights in the room where you’re filming, especially if the sunlight is doing its job. Pro tip: have your pup face the light to really make them shine. In other words, place the iFetch or iDig in front of the window (or near it) and direct the camera away from the window so the light is shining on your gorgeous pup.
  2. DE-CLUTTER. Spending a few minutes picking up items you have in the background helps create a clearer image or video and will keep the focus on your dog vs the pile of laundry in the corner. (Don’t stress – we’ve all been there!) Just be observant when you start filming — if you notice there’s something in the background that’s distracting, pause the action and move it out of frame. You’ll be happy you did.
  3. Check out your DOG’s P.O.V. That’s right – get down on your dog’s level when you’re filming or snapping photos. Getting low is a great way to capture your dog’s adorable expressions and mannerisms while they dig, dance and fetch to their heart’s content.
  4. LANDSCAPE mode. Don’t forget to film in landscape mode if you’re using your phone. Turning your camera sideways helps keep all of the action in frame. Note: the only exception to this is if you’re filming your pup for your Instagram story – in that case, vertical orientation will fit better. But, in all other cases, landscape is best!
  5. ENERGY UP. Have fun and keep the energy up. Yes, your dog loves fetching and he loves digging for treats, but he loves you most of all. If he knows you’re happy and proud of him, he will do his best to continue to show off. So, give him your undivided attention and shower the love and praise! He’s making you look like Pup Parent of the Year with all the fun he’s having. (And aren’t you having fun too?!?)


  1. Filming at DUSK or when it’s a little OVERCAST is great (if you can plan ahead). Sunny days are great too if it’s not too sunny to view your pup through your phone and they don’t get over-heated from all of the fetching activity. Pro tip: Pay attention to shadows and how you’re positioning the iFetch with the sun.
  2. BACKGROUND CHECK. Just like indoors, finding an area that is clear of clutter is both safer for your pup and it makes for better photos and videos.
  3. GO LOW. Just like indoors, get down on your dog’s level when you’re filming. Consider putting a blanket down behind the iFetch so that you can sit and enjoy all of the action from behind, as your dog does all of the work. Remember: landscape mode on your phone is best.
  4. STAY CLEAN. If your dog is playing in a dusty or muddy spot and you can’t get around it, bring a towel with you to wipe off the ball in between takes. It will keep the ball launching better and will give your pup a break too.

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Special thanks to a couple of our favorite pups – – who contributed our featured headline photo. Talk about a perfectly focused and well-lit photo! 🙂 Happy fetching and digging everyone!

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