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Decorating for the holidays a little earlier this year? We feel you. 2020 has been a trying year for all of us, but there has been a silver lining: staying at home means more time to spend with our pets. Having a dog really does make everything better. So… why not give them some extra special gifts this holiday season?!? If you’re making your list, check out our holiday dog gift guide for these fun finds for the loyal bestie in your life.

2020 Holiday Dog Gift Guide

1. Bandanas + matching masks.

Everyone needs a mask these days so why not be in style and match your pup with these adorable combos from The Daily Moca?

Bandanas & Matching Masks - iFetch Dog Gift Guide 2020

Bandanas + matching masks from The Daily Moca

2. Doggie Language book.

Quarantining with your pup is the perfect time to understand them a little more. From stress signals to anxiety and much more, this new eye-opening book by Lili Chin will open so many communication doors to your pup.

Doggie Language Book - iFetch Dog Gift Guide

Doggie Language by Lili Chin

3. Paw sanitizer.

Health and safety first! This Skout’s Honors sanitizing spray works for both you and your pup to ensure you both remain safe. Each Skout’s Honor purchase also helps feed pets in need, which is one of the many reasons we love their brand.

4. Biothane leash.

2020 is the year of staying clean, which can sometimes be a challenge when you have a dog. A biothane leash makes it much easier – they’re waterproof and odor proof. So, after your outings together, these leashes are easy to clean and sanitize.

5. Pet Teepee.

Because everyone should have their happy place. We want them to make these in adult size!

Pet Teepee - iFetch Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

Pet Teepee

6. Explorer Pack.

When taking your dogs on longer walks, this belt has room for everything from squeakers to water bottles, and of course a ball holder perfect for your iFetch ball.

7. A lick mat.

Just add peanut butter, yogurt or your pet’s favorite spreadable treat and let them lick away. These mats help with anxiety, especially in stressful situations such as grooming and bathing, and they also help reduce destructive behaviors.

8. Portrait of your pet.

Turn your pet into a masterpiece! A beautiful portrait like this is a great gift for the pet lover in your life – it also makes a great keepsake.

9. Custom pet art face mask.

Of course you want your dog’s face on your mask and here’s how to do it!

The Prancer Sock - Fun Socks from iFetch! - 2020 iFetch Holiday Dog Gift Guide

The Prancer Sock – Fun Socks from iFetch

10. Don’t forget about iFetch!

Time to invest in a new ball launcher? Or why not purchase an iDig Go or iDig Stay to keep your dog busy when you’re on a Zoom call? If you’re an iFetch super fan and have it all, don’t forget to stock up on tennis balls, slobber-proof foaber balls, or replacement iDig flaps. And… we have awesome new iFetch socks available! Check them out and stuff your stockings.

We hope you and your pet stay healthy and safe this holiday season. Very best wishes for a special holiday with your dogs and loved ones. Thank you for supporting iFetch. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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