Introducing the “iFetch a Family” Program

Connecting shelters and long-stay dogs with iFetch toys to encourage play and speed up adoptions.

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Connect with iFetch to Help Dogs Find Homes

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Shelter Volunteers Can Help, Too

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Research shows dogs are more likely to be adopted if they are perceived as “playful.” iFetch can help with that!

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iFetch A Family Program for Shelters, Trainers and Dogs

Mona Needs a HomeHave you been to your local animal shelter lately? Or do you avoid them because you’ll want to take everyone home? Yeah, we know the feeling. A few months ago, we visited our local shelter in Austin, Austin Pets Alive (APA), and talked with the caring and hard-working staff about pet adoption and how iFetch could help. They, like most shelters, have many dogs that have been living there for years. Yes, that’s YEARS. Imagine spending most of your young life in a concrete pen. It made us pretty sad too.

But there’s (we hope!) a happy ending to this story.

Around the same time we visited APA, Debbie, one of our owners, discovered an interesting article about the link between play and adoption. In the study, shelter dogs were more likely to be adopted if they were viewed playing, or were considered “playful” by potential owners. So we got to thinking…

What if we donated an iFetch Too to interested shelters with long-stay dogs?

And what if we recruited rock star trainers to visit the shelters and train the dogs to use the iFetch (while also helping with some of the other less-than-desirable behaviors)?

Mona Found a Home!And what if we helped the shelters fetch these pups-in-need a loving family through advertising and other means?

And iFetch A Family was born.

We’ve already done a pilot program with Mona at Austin Pets Alive. And we’re happy to report it was a success! Mona has an interested owner. Mona had been at the Austin Pets Alive animal shelter for over 2 years! Now look at her go!

Thanks to our awesome trainer partner, Crystal Dunn, owner of Leaps ‘n Hounds Dog Training, for fostering Mona, training her, and helping us find Mona a forever home. Can’t wait to find more pups like Mona a loving home.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can get involved with iFetch A Family.


Details for Shelters

iFetch Too for Shelters

  • Free iFetch Too ($200 value) + adoption fee covered
  • Time with professional trainers
  • Recognition on iFetch website and social media
  • iFetch paid social media advertising for shelter + pet’s adoption
  • iFetch includes program and shelter call-out in email newsletter
  • Long-stay dogs finally move out of the shelter


Ready to Apply?


Details for Trainers

iFetch Too for Trainers

  • Free iFetch Too ($200 value) for personal training purposes
  • Volunteer hours toward certifications
  • Recognition on iFetch website and social media
  • Referrals from iFetch customers looking for training
  • iFetch includes program and trainer call-out in email newsletter
  • Dogs in-need find loving families… and you helped!


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Details for Volunteers


  • Help dogs in need
  • Learn basic training techniques
  • Gain valuable marketing (and filming) experience
  • Complete community service hours
  • Become an iFetch ambassador
  • Have fun!


  • Find a shelter in your community where you’d like to volunteer
  • Fill out a volunteer application at the shelter
  • Complete an iFetch A Family Volunteer Application
  • Ask shelter to complete an iFetch A Family Shelter Application online
  • Complete all mandatory volunteer training at the shelter
  • Work with shelter to identify an iFetch A Family dog-in-need
  • Coordinate receipt of iFetch Too product (once shelter is approved)
  • Bring a friend so you can film the action (insert cell phone video tips)
  • Post photos and videos on social media and tag iFetch + the shelter
  • Note: if you have experience making movies, check out our easy script with tips to tell your story
  • Recruit more volunteers and keep up the good work!
Ready to Apply?