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Training your pack to play with the iFetch together!

More dogs = more excitement = more cuddles & belly rubs = more memories = more fun! This equation sums up the endless cuteness of all of your dogs playing with the iFetch together.  The iFetch community has so many hilarious videos like this one below.  If you have one, please share it with us at [...]

10 Things to Do With Your Dog Outside This Summer

It's our favorite time of year because the weather is warming up off all over the country, daylight is lasting longer, and there are more opportunities to play with our pups outdoors. The iFetch team took some votes and put together a list of our favorite outdoor activities to do with our dogs. A few important [...]

The iFetch training tool kit is step one to training your dog to use the iFetch or iFetch Too!

The iFetch team is as excited as you are about training your dog to use the iFetch or iFetch Too!  We've put together a list of things to have on hand when you start your training sessions, which will hopefully make your sessions go more smoothly.     1. Treats.We want to reward your pup [...]

Does Training Your Dog Make You a Lazy Human?

That might seem like a strange question at first glance but, much to my surprise too, it's one that's come up a number of time in my adventures with Maggie.  Yes, Maggie can get a DVD out of the Playstation.  Yes, Maggie can turn off the lights.  Yes, of course, Maggie can play with her iFetch all by [...]

The iFetch Just Got Bigger

We are so thankful to all of our supportive fans and customers who have been anxiously awaiting the release of our newest product, the iFetch Too. Now bigger dogs can experience the fun of automatic ball launching with our larger version of the original iFetch, the iFetch Too. We are thrilled to be open for [...]